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Welcome to The College of New Jersey’s Dyslexia Initiative website!

The mission of the Dyslexia Initiative is to become a key resource for families, teachers and schools in New Jersey regarding the identification and education of children with dyslexia and other severer literacy disabilities.

Our strategic goals are to:

  1. Improve TCNJ teacher preparation with regard to students with dyslexia and other severe disabilities; and
  2. Improve the provision of screening, identification and remediation for students with dyslexia and other severe disabilities.

Toward this end, our Initiative provides a wide variety of services including:

  1. The TCNJ Student Evaluation Clinic which conducts dyslexia assessments and Child Study Team evaluations
  2. A yearly fall conference on key topics related to dyslexia
  3. Lunch and Learn workshops which allow participants to focus on key issues of dyslexia
  4. Provision of Wilson certification programs
  5. Provision of a variety of continuing education workshops on programs such as Project READ and EMPOWER
  6. Grant development and implementation to support urban schools with poor literacy outcomes
  7. Provision of independent research opportunities for TCNJ students
  8. Support in the review and redesign of the TCNJ teacher and reading specialist preparation programs with regard to identifying and educating students with dyslexia
  9. Pursuit of IDA program approval

If you have questions, please email Heather Tellier at