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Past Conferences and Seminars

Professional Development Workshops

TCNJ Dyslexia Initiative – 2017-2018 Workshops
All workshops meet the 2 hour professional development requirement as specified in PL 2013 c.105.

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Sentence Structure – Written Expression – February 27 and 28, 2018

The Project Read Written Expression curriculum teaches the fundamentals of sentence writing. This curriculum uses 8 unique graphic symbols to illustrate the sentence parts and their function. The instructional strategies blend creative freedom and accuracy with direct multisensory skill instruction.



Orton-Gillingham Programs – SPIRE, Mega Words, Sounds Sensible:
November 15 and 16, 2017

Attend our two-day workshop for all teachers, Reading Specialists, and Child Study Team members to learn essential details on three exciting structured literacy, multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham programs! Each program is appropriate for use in general education or special education classrooms with children who struggle to read.



Reading and Writing Intervention: November 28, 2017

A 1 day staff development workshop on the REWARDS short term reading and writing intervention materials specifically designed for struggling readers. Examples of a topics covered – Decoding multisyllabic words, Understanding Struggling Readers and more!



Primary Phonics – Sounds/Symbol Knowledge: January 23 and 24, 2018

Attend our two-day workshop to learn essential details on the Project Read Phonics curriculum. Project Read Phonics program is appropriate for use in general education or special education classrooms with children who struggle to read.  Project Read Phonics curriculum applies sound/symbol knowledge to spelling and reading comprehension using targeted multi-sensory activities and direct instruction.



Dyslexia and Executive Function (click link for flyer and info)

November 17th, 2017

*Price has been reduced to $75*

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Reading Comprehension flyer (click link for flyer and info)

December 8th, 2017

*Price has been reduced to $75*

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William Van Cleave

October 20, 2017

Word Smarts: Using Morphology to Develop Vocabulary and Attack Skills
William Van Cleave is in private practice as an educational consultant whose specialties include morphology and written expression. A nationally recognized speaker, he has presented on effective teaching practices at conferences and schools around the country since 1995. The author of three books, including “Writing Matters” and “Everything You Want to Know and Exactly Where to Find It,” as well as a number of educational tools and activities, William has served as a classroom teacher, tutor, and administrator in the private practice.

TCNJ Dyslexia Initiative Staff Dinner

Lunch and Learn: Dysgraphia

On April 7, 2017 from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM, the Dyslexia Initiative hosted a lunch and learn titled “Dysgraphia…What is It? An Occupational Therapist’s approach to assessment and treatment.” The presentation was given by Michelle Davis Korngut, an Occupational Therapist and Special Educator, owner of Pediatric Therapy Solutions in Lawrenceville NJ. The presentation focused on the assessment tools and treatment strategies used to identify and treat children with dysgraphia.

TCNJ 3rd Annual Fall Conference

On September 30, 2016 from 8am-3pm the TCNJ Dyslexia Initiative hosted our third annual dyslexia conference featuring guest lecturer Dr. Nancy Mather. The conference focused on the “Elephant in the Room: What we Overlook Regarding Dyslexia.” Over 160 parents, students and educational professionals attended this event. See the various pictures below from the day!

Fall Dyslexia Conference Flyer


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Rebecca Kamen: Connecting Creative Communities

This past March, the TCNJ Dyslexia Initiative hosted Rebecca Kamen renowned artist, scientist, and dyslexic. Kamen visited the Bridge Academy in Lawrenceville to give a brief lecture to the young students there and then she presented at The College of New Jersey for the TCNJ student body. It was a wonderful day for all in attendance!

Here is an article from TCNJ’s student newspaper the signal:

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Lunch and Learn Workshops

The College of New Jersey’s Dyslexia Initiative hosted two successful Lunch and Learn Seminars lead by Dr. Kathy Rotter, for teachers and other educational professionals this past year. Here are some picture that showcase the seminars. Keep your eyes peeled for future Lunch and Learn Seminars in the fall! These are great opportunities for educators looking to fulfill their annual 2 hour dyslexia training.

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On January 8th and January 9th, the TCNJ Dyslexia Initiative along with the Dyslexia Training Institute and Decoding Dyslexia hosted a Dyslexia Training at The College of New Jersey. The two-day event provided in-depth information on various aspects of dyslexia including everything from a simulation to help understand the symptoms, education on how to create strong IEPs for students, and training in an explicit multisensory strategy to help teach literacy.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this event a success!


Thank you to all of the presenters and attendees who joined us for our fall conference, “The Dyslexia-Friendly Classroom.” We had an incredible turnout and hope you all learned a lot! Check out some pictures from the conference below.

Kathleen Rotter, Ed.D. – Keynote Presentation: “The Dyslexia-Friendly Classroom”

IMG_0247       IMG_0249 IMG_0252       IMG_0255


Ellen Farr, M.S., Educational Technology: “Apps for Students in the General Education Class”

IMG_0268        IMG_0270

IMG_0273        IMG_0275  IMG_0309


Eileen Tresansky, M.Ed. and Ann Marie Harshaw, M.A.: “Games Children Love to Play”

IMG_0258        IMG_0263 IMG_0264    IMG_0265    IMG_0279  IMG_0294    IMG_0290    IMG_0300 IMG_0301   IMG_0281


Anne Peel, Ed.D.: “Supporting Students in Writing in the General Education Classroom”

IMG_0323         IMG_0336IMG_0324

Matthew Hall, Ph.D.: “Using Images to Foster Critical Reading Skills”

IMG_0321    IMG_0331   IMG_0327