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Welcome to The College of New Jersey’s Dyslexia Initiative website!

The mission of the Dyslexia Initiative is to become a key resource for families, teachers and schools in New Jersey regarding the identification and education of children with dyslexia and other severer literacy disabilities.

Our strategic goals are to:

  1. Improve TCNJ teacher preparation with regard to students with dyslexia and other severe disabilities; and
  2. Improve the provision of screening, identification and remediation for students with dyslexia and other severe disabilities.

Toward this end, our Initiative provides a wide variety of services including:

  1. The TCNJ Student Evaluation Clinic which conducts dyslexia assessments and Child Study Team evaluations;
  2. A yearly fall conference on key topics related to dyslexia;
  3. Lunch and Learn workshops which allow participants to focus on key issues of dyslexia;
  4. Provision of Wilson certification programs;
  5. Provision of a variety of continuing education workshops on programs such as Project READ and EMPOWER;
  6. Grant development and implementation to support urban schools with poor literacy outcomes;
  7. Provision of independent research opportunities for TCNJ students;
  8. Support in the review and redesign of the TCNJ teacher and reading specialist preparation programs with regard to identifying and educating students with dyslexia;
  9. Pursuit of IDA program approval; and

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